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This ultimate local marketing intelligence tool provides automated insights to help you make your next move in marketing.

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How Does Your Marketing Compare With Competitors?

This no-obligation marketing needs assessment report can reveal how you stack up against both local competitors and industry benchmarks.

Get Detailed Analysis Across Seven Channels

Compare your results against industry benchmarks

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Business Snapshot Report - Local Digital Marketing Intelligence Tool

View Your Entire Marketing Performance Across Seven Categories

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Website Performance

Leverage the power of Google PageSpeed Insights to measure a myriad of metrics.

Mobile responsiveness

Content Quality / Delivery

Desktop & Mobile Load Speeds

A well-optimized website delivers information customers seek to make buying decisions.

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Search Engine Optimization

Identify how your keywords are performing against your competitors. Integrated with Google Analytics, you can track:

Keyword Overlap

Number of Keywords

Total Monthly Clicks

Monthly Value of Clicks

With an enhanced Local SEO strategy you can outrank your competitors while attracting your ideal customers.

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Social Media

See your social media performance against similar businesses in your industry:

Number of Posts

Size of audience

Post engagement

An active social media presence keeps users engaged and your audience growing.

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Business Listings

The report aggregates data from more than 70 directories to highlight:

Total Number of Listings

Accuracy of Listings

Missing / New Opportunities

Small businesses need to be found online. Having accuracy across all possible directories is key to getting and staying in front of customers.

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Reviews & Reputation

See your reviews from over 30 sites in one place and highlights:

Number of Reviews

Recency of reviews

Average score

Reviews are crucial for customers as they make decisions based on trust and credibility.  

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Digital Advertising

Have keywords recommended to you that will generate clicks.  Compare your competitor campaigns against yours:

Keyword Overlap

Number of Paid Keywords

Monthly Paid Clicks

Monthly Ad Budget

Uncover golden opportunities with search, social, and display advertising.

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Measure how your ecommerce website is performing in these key categories.

Online storefront

Online payment processing

Lead engagement

As ecommerce continues to grow, local businesses should optimize their online storefronts operations as much as possible.


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